Traditional B&W Hand Enlargements

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DeVere Enlarger

Hand-printed enlargements on Ilford resin coated or fibre base paper carefully crafted by our expert technicians.

Precise contrast adjustment is achieved using multi-grade paper, combined with "burning & shading" techniques. Prints are hand finished using traditional sable brush spotting techniques.


Resin Coated Hand-Enlargements:

7x5in £6.00
8x6in: £8.00
10x8in: £10.00
12x9½in: £12.00
12x10in £16.00
16x12in: £20.00
20x16in: £25.00
24x20in: £30.00

Introductory Offer - 10% off your first hand enlarging order!

Fibre Base Prints: +100% (allow 7-10 working days) Neutral or warm tone fibre base paper using traditional dish processing, archival wash and ambient air drying.

Gloss / Pearl / Satin surface options to suit content, subject matter and preference.

Allow 5 - 7 working days - Rush by arrangement




Paper and Toning Options

Ilford Warmtone Resin Coated Paper: + 25%
Fibre Base Neutral or Warmtone Paper: + 100%
Sepia / Selenium toning options: POA

Collection and delivery in selected London areas.
For mail order add £3 P&P upto 1Kg